a creative media agency.
for the social good space, corporate
social responsibility efforts, nonprofits,
inspired individuals, and in general,
people who give a damn.
focused on providing a myriad of
services including web identity,
immersive multimedia content,
innovative events, and service
design consultancy.
the passion project of these creative

currently working on some exciting
projects. Stay tuned.
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tell [at] storyteller [dot] com
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  • Akash Radia

  • Co-founder & Head of Creative

    Akash helped found Storyteller after becoming frustrated with antiquated models of nonprofit operations and communications. With a strong arts background and experience in the international NGO and nonprofit sector, Akash leads the creative team to think beyond the pale of standard ideation. His career experiences are diverse, from working on social impact teams at an anti-trafficking NGO to being a human security analyst for a think tank in the heart of the EU - to name but a few. In his 27 years, Akash has lived in 8 cities, across 5 countries, and 3 continents, and currently earns his living with a business and design consultancy in Barcelona.

  • Brendan Ward

  • Co-founder and Head of Communications

    Brendan Ward teamed up with graduate school colleague Akash to create a meaningful, uniquely-tailored project. He possesses interdisciplinary social sciences and humanities degrees from Humboldt State and the University of Sussex. He believes deeply in using creative arts as a medium for social change. He worked in a London-based social enterprise and advised on change-making projects for Haitian entrepreneurs, a crowdfunding organization. He was recently nominated to become a Fellow with the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce in London. He lives in the Portland metropolitan area with his lovely cat, even lovelier girlfriend and is an ardent supporter of Arsenal Football Club.

  • Aneesh Seth

  • CTO

    Aneesh joined Storyteller to translate creative vision into technological reality. Aside from a degree in Economics and Statistics from the University of California, Davis, his passion for technology, entrepreneurial spirit, and belief in design driven development made him a natural fit. A creator at heart, Aneesh sees technology as both a tool and a medium for expression and is constantly pushing its limits to create gripping, effective, and innovative solutions. He currently resides between Los Angeles and New Delhi managing a 3D surveying firm and a software development agency.